The Turbo Mixer Pump carries out functions like suction, mixing, pressurization ideal for liquid-gas applications simultaneously. Its trustworthy performance results in a highly constant overall system. The turbo mixer pump contains upper cutter on top of the propeller to stop wrapping and fibrous material binding to protect the mechanical seal. We are the trustworthy Turbo Mixer Pump manufacturer in Gujarat. The Turbo mixer pump is used enormously in dairy manure mixing, municipal treatment plant anoxic zone mixing and in oxidation ditches. Elective attachment turntable can permit the Turbo to be easily endeavoring into the pit. The ultimate features of Turbo mixer Pumps are:

Turbo Mixer Pump

Turbo Mixer Pump Manufacturer
  • High rate of suspended solids removal.
  • Supplying a highly dense micro bubble output.
  • Highly consistent dissolved air flotation.
  • Small installation.
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Easy maintenance and minimum operational cost
  • Compact and simple pump structure