We are thrilled to present D.M.P Engineering Works in the function of Toilet soap & Detergent Soap manufacturing since 1993. All types of soap machinery plant all pumps spare parts are offered at our company. All toilet soap plant machinery spare parts are manufactured by our company. Products such as ACMA OLD & NEW WRAPPER MACHINE FOR TOILET SOAP PLANT, BINACCHI, MAZZONI, KHOSLA, PACKONA, MOI, DUPLEX PLODDER WORM SIZE : 200 X 400 DIA. etc are offered.

We are fully equipped to manufacture, assemble and examine standard pump materials and highly engineered pump systems. Additionally, we are capable to uphold a trustworthy supply of spare parts of any pump, regardless of its manufacturer, and efficient support for our customers in India. We are able to offer high quality range of Lobe Pumps to our clients, backed by our team of experienced professionals.

Our range of products include lobe pump, flameproof lobe pump, high pressure triplex plunger pump, neet soap process pump, J&J lobe pump & spare, worm screw for duplex plodder, worm screw for simplex plodder, worm screw for detergent plodder, detergent cake making machine, toilet soap plant machinery spare parts, windmill rubber coupling, and nepc windmill coupling.

Furthermore, we are acknowledged for our excellent quality and high efficiency of our product. Thus, our products are extensively used in a range of industrial applications

Lobe Pump Supplier

Lobe Pump is a positive displacement. They are same as external gear pumps in operation in that fluid flows around the interior of the asing. By external timing gears positioned in the gearbox, Lobe contact is prevented. The Pump shaft supports the bearings in the gearbox, and while the bearings is out of the pumped liquid. The lobes come out of mesh and create increasing volume on the inside of the pump. Liquid that flows into the cavity is trapped by the lobes as they take turns. Liquid move around the interior of the casing in the pockets between the lobes and the casing and it doesn’t go by the lobes. To conclude, the meshing of the lobes push the liquid through the outlet port under pressure. Lobe pumps are generally used in food applications. Lobe Pumps are ultimate for pumping highly viscous liquids like Butters, Chocolates, Fruit Pulps, Flavorings, Frostings, Sugar Syrups, Creams, Soup & Sauces, Tooth Paste, Resins, Jams, Jellies chocolate mixtures, Ice Cream, shampoo , cheese, Face cream, Baby Foods, tomato ketchup, fruit juice, essential oils, lotions etc.

Lobe Pump Exporter

D.M.P Engineering Works have been manufacturing pumps for acids and dangerous liquids, mixers, filters and compressors. We have a significant experience in designing, and manufacturing pumps. We are the familiar lobe pump manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With an immense experience, we have produced our own range of pumps with a variety of designs. Our pumps are manufactured by experienced team of specialist. They are capable of producing advanced technology pumps resistant to aggressive chemical agent. Our range of pumps are productively used in lots of different industries including chemical petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil refinery, electroplating, printed circuits, electronic, photography, military, biotechnology, paper mills, textile, sugar plants, food processing, dairies and several others. This pump manufacturing facility uses the latest technologies to give our clients a perfect fit for their pumping functions.

Rotary Lobe Pump Exporter

Rotary Lobe Pumps are particularly designed to furnish applications in various industries. Rotary lobe pumps are adaptable according to various applications. They are easy to install and uphold than any other existing lobe pumps. The rotary lobe pumps manufactured by us are certified and have standard quality. Rotary lobe pumps are manufactured with thermal jacketing option for front plate and pump casing. We manufacture the rotary lobe pumps in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We aspire to export our pumps to Dubai, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Cape Town, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nigeria and UAE. The Rotary lobe pump use timing gears to remove contact between the rotors, which permit their use on non-lubricating fluids. These pumps offer low shear and tender managing of the liquid to reduce product degradation.

Lobe Pump at Best Price in India

Presently, we supply loads of rotary lobes manufactured by high grade quality raw materials and under the supervision of quality experts. Our skilled engineers manufacture the pumps with accurate designs as specified. We supply the rotary lobe pumps supporting production lines that encompass pharmaceutical, biomedical, food, and household and personal care industries. Our rotary lobe pumps results on high-speed liquid filling machines made in Germany, replacing German-made stainless-steel pumps. We export the rotary lobe pumps in various countries at best affordable prices in India.

Best Lobe Pump Manufacturing Company in India

Our company has been the lead in contribution of lobe pumps for a long time which are designed specifically for numerous applications used in countless industries. Lobe pumps are suitable for pumping in their respective industries. These lobe pumps are made with tough and ground timing gears for providing high performance and effectiveness. Our manufactured lobe pumps provide smooth and swift operations due to precision timing gears and highly refined lobes. We have established ourselves as one of the competent lobe pumps manufacturer in India.

Flameproof Lobe Pump Supplier

We have accomplish a position as a reputed company in the industry, thus it is our responsibility to present standard quality Flameproof Lobe Pump. The flameproof lobe pumps that we manufacture are of high-quality and robust. They are precisely fabricated to prevent the fire from affecting the pumps. These pumps are extensively used in chemical and process industries. These pumps are fabricated from excellent quality raw materials; it is also broadly used in dairy, food and beverages industries, sea water applications and various other applications. The unique feature of our manufactured flameproof lobe pump is its top quality and standard durability. These are obtainable at affordable price with timely delivery.

Why Choose us?

We have an extensive range of lobe pumps in store for our clients. These pumps are manufactured using high grade quality tested raw material, acquired from the dependable retailers of the market. Furthermore, our products are tested on various parameters to ensure their requirements with international standards and norms. In order to provide our clients satisfaction, we are committed to offer our clients a wide collection of lobe pumps, rotary pumps, flameproof lobe pumps and many other products. Pumps are recognized and appreciated for their high performance, low maintenance and strong construction, as they are manufactured using premium quality raw material. In addition, our products are tested on several parameters to ensure their longer functional life.

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