The principle of Internal Eccentric Gear Pumps is simple “gear within gear”. There are only two moving components within the process medium. By filling of the cavities between both the rotary and idler gears positioned in the pump head, the positive displacement is achieved. A rigid volume of fluid enters the casing through the suction port, filling the space between the gears with each revolution. The curve inside the pump head separates the fluid as the idler gear turns on the pump shaft. These magnetically Driven Internal Eccentric Rotor Gear Pump is suitable for the Caustic, isocyanate, adhesive, solvents, Paint/dye industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Detergent, Food Industry and various others.

Eccentric Rotor Gear Pump

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Both idler gear and the ring gear are divided from each other through a crescent and a vacuum is created during the rotation. The capacity of the pump is calculated by its size.